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Kiffen is the energy you, the individual, produce and exude.

Kiffen is energy curated by your thoughts and efforts. Effecting your core the most, everyones Kiffen displays physically to an extent. Whether knowingly or not, your Kiffen also effects the environment by way of vibrations. The power of your Kiffen will grow along with you on your journey to be your best.
β€œI just need to drink some tea and get my kiffen on point.”

β€œHis kiffen has always had an enchanting effect on people.”
by Eatnessgray October 22, 2018
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(German) to smoke pot, toke up, etc.
Hey, Hans, willst du kiffen?
by bohnetp October 18, 2003
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The German verb "to smoke pot."
Dude A: Rauchen Gras?
Dude B: Yia! Ich kiffe gern!
by dude March 21, 2005
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