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One of the most beautiful girls in the world. She has many talents that she will slowly unlock as she goes through life. Most likely in the artistic and musical nature. She is always herself no matter what and interesting. She can be hilarious, sexy, mean, crazy, weird ,smart ,dramatic ,adorable, and a complete bad ass all at the same damn time! She tends to be irresistible and when the night comes around Kierstyn will turn into a complete freak. Be very careful though.! Kierstyn can be extremely more intelligent than she acts and talks. She often hides her extreme intelligence from people which makes her so powerful and wise. She can be cold hearted, but when she loves she loves hard. If she says I love you then she means it. Remember that you are special if you are loved by a Kierstyn. She picks the ones she loves very wisely. She can feel the smallest wickedness about you and cut you off in a heart-beat. She is careful with her heart and plays smart. People often refer to Kierstyn as "The girl with the third eye". She is most likely destined for greatness and holds God close to her heart no matter how she may seem. The name Kierstyn originates from the meaning of the words anointed and Christ like.
third eye crazy sexy intelligent real wise mean amazing freak talented artistic bad ass lovable multi-talented powerful cold hearted Kierstyn I wish i could be like Kierstyn.
by illuminatixofficer February 28, 2013
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Kierstyn is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is perfect in every way, shape, and form. She has a boyfriend that loves her more than anything and would without a thought catch a body or get bodied for her. There's something about her that he is scared to lose because he knows he won't find it in anyone else. He wants to be with her forever. She is his princess and nothing or no one can change that.
"Wow that Kierstyn is so gorgeous. I'm so jealous."
by my baby girl March 11, 2015
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1.The most sincere, goodhearted, and gorgeous girl to grace the world with her lively presence. Some say she resembles Rachel Weisz but in actuality Weisz would never be able to reach the pedestal of beauty that Kierstyn sits atop of.

2. Pretty much the most awesome person you can ever hope to meet. Be weary though, Kierstyn is a complete badass and is known to carry either a nine or a gat with her at all times - for protection from other jealous rival badasses and if she just feels like being a thug and robbing a liquor store or grocery for the hell of it.
"Man you shot up and robbed five armored vans, assaulted three cops, and beat up Jean-Claude Van Damme. You're almost as badass as Kierstyn."

Kierstyn is so awesome her presence radiates awesomeness.
by 739gfj July 28, 2011
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The ugliest chick who has little boos chapped lips and fat toes loves the fat ass guy
Kierstyn is ugly and likes that fat ass
by jakebosskid1234 May 02, 2011
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