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A girl who likes to have fun, is out-going, and makes friends easily. Very intelligant. Shes someone you can easily talk to and trust. Her laughter can make you smile. She normally doesn't fight, and minds her own business. Shes beautiful in many ways. A very positive person, good influence on others, and just a good role model. She always seems to put others needs in front of her own, and watches out for her family and friends. A very warm and caring person. Creates her own crowd. Trys to keep a peaceful mind. Many look down upon her because they are bitter with jealousy, but she will still look past it and go on with her life. Some people try to take advantage of her. When it comes to romance she has a rough time finding Mr. Right, but if you fall in love with her, take good care of her and never let her go because she might just be the one true caring and loving girl to step foot into your world. Music, art and friendship is what keeps her going in life. Her dreams are big but her goals in life are even bigger. Confidence and brains make her who she is, along with a certain charm that can make you smile even when you don't want to.
"Wow, I wish I could be more like Kierstin."
by Average-Boy-16 December 28, 2009
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A kind, crazy, misunderstood girl. Who only ask for love and in return will give her heart. With gorgeous blue eyes and a silly personality , if you have her never let her go
by That One Being boy May 16, 2018
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she a great friend she always funny. Shes a player that has no regrets. Shes also a bad bitch that can beat you up,and that your best friend.
by sfhdfyjtgyklyhjklg October 05, 2017
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fake blonde bitch dat no one like gone get er ass beat first time walkin thru highschool
she a kierstin cuz she a lyin ass hoe
by fodapappa December 24, 2009
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