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Kido (key-dough); demon magic, are spells used in the Bleach universe by Shinigami (Death Gods). There are two different kinds of Kido, binding and destruction; they are usually prefixed by an incantation unique to the spell.

After the incantation is said, it is followed by "Way of binding/destruction #(kido rank 1-99)" followed by the spell's name.

With proper training one can perform kido spells without the incantation to throw the opponent off-guard, however the spell will not be as powerful without it. Kuchiki Rukia and Kuchiki Byakuya are capable of this feat.

The higher ranking the spell, the harder it is to use without an incantation, people like Renji, who can barely use kido to begin with, are not experienced enough in Kido to use spells outside of very simple ones. Every ranked officer in the Gotei 13 Protection Squads are able to use kido except for Zaraki Kenpachi.
Kido is energy from within, the more powerful the spell, the longer the incantations are and the more focus they require for proper execution. Losing your concentration in the middle of performing a destruction spell will cause the spell to explode.
by kyle.biddle February 26, 2011
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male version of a "babe".

Incredibly patronizing term from one person to another.

It is only fair to use that term once you are called a babe and you dislike that reference.

Often followed by a fake smile.
Random person: Hello, how are you babe?
Girl: (thinks to herself - oh CRAP! What a retard!!!) Hello kido!
*puts a fake smile on*
by mata.hari666 April 21, 2010
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An Italian Kid who will hide in dugouts while everyone else is having fun... Kid In Dug Out
A kido with no friends and has a small penis
by Michael Garafelo September 30, 2006
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