Khoa, he is very caring and sweet at times but don’t make him mad because khoa because he will strike back with a humorous insult he is also very simp with the homies and tends to tell them he loves him without saying no homo. He will always be by your side if you take him under your wing or he takes you under his, he can be your best friend and your worst enemy . He is also very tall and skinny but is very crazy and dumb funny when you get to know him but that’s just khoa.
Karen: Did you see Khoa today!!

Amariya: Yes me too no way He simps for his guy homies:).

Amariya: But he’s my best friend and he’s cool!!
by Amariya turtle May 06, 2020
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In Vietnamese, it means a light source of awesomness and warmth.

Khoa could also mean someone who is Asian, loves pho, always working out to increase his awesomness, something that is of quality.

In most situation, one could also use Khoa in the following ways:

1. Dude! That was such a Khoality shot!
2. Did that just happened? You just got Khoa!
3. Let's spend some Khoalitytime this weekend.
Guy #1.

It's cold outside, let's go get some Pho!

Guy #2.

You're such a Khoa, but that's fine, I am too!
by tenchi_muyo November 10, 2011
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Vietnamese name which translates to "of science" as in a man of science.
Very studious guy, obviously a khoa!
by nikobellic13 March 04, 2009
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smart, caring, funny, and best guy in the whole universe. This person is reliable and always there, is also very goofy and silly and tries hard. Khoas are allergic to many things as well ex. tofu, soy, etc. You'll never get enough of him and want to be with him forever, you'll love him.
Ex. I love a Khoa from the ground beneath all the way to the farthest star in the universe
by lovelygamer November 15, 2009
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a verb meaning to burn off the eyelashes of someone or something, esp. with a lighter.
"If you take one more step, I'll khoa you, and then you'll never get a date because nobody would date someone with cinged eyelashes."
by xgreenteaaddict January 10, 2010
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