Born on December 17th 2006 real name lani Alexa known as Khloe kardashian handosal started her reading career in a celebrity roleplay known as idols she rose to the top fast then she moved to her friends server and her server with started out of spite of her friend her server at the time was named Khloes playhouse which was renamed to playhouse In January 2022 her famous era started in November of 2021 when she taught in a sicko tournament and went with 15 wins she bloomed cause of her funny persona and her creative reads she bloomed more when she grew from her friend kenji server and came to swae and became a great reader instantly when she came to swae she was instantly loved but in January 17th 2022 everything changed her server slater was nuked and so was playhouse aka Khloes playhouse which sparked her to move to slater but then playhouse came back stronger and better than ever at this time khloe was taking over servers and the reading community slowly during April her server became one of the best small reading servers ever with 600+ members in conclusion khloe kardashian handosal whether you love or hate her she’s unstoppable and now she’s sitting with 3+million views via TikTok
Khloe kardashian handosal is beautiful
by Discord reader uploader April 17, 2022
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! Khloe kardashian handosal#0001 Started her career back in august 2021 in a celeb roleplay server called idols from there she grew her famous era October 2021 she started by reading in sicko and from there she bloomed taking over the reading community slowly in august she started her own server in spite to get revenge on her friend the server name was Khloes playhouse renamed in January 2022 to playhouse but then her successful 300 member server got nuked during the January 17 drama then she moved to slater and rebuild her name during this time she took reading servers like swae,sicko,Soren,jade etc when playhouse came back she pulled more members then ever now currently she’s sitting with 3 million plus veiws and a 600+ member server
by Discord reader uploader April 17, 2022
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