"kol khara" Translated from arabic means "eat shit".

"Kol" = Eat
"Khara" = Shit

If you would use this against a female, to be correct you have to say "Koli Khara"
Father : Have you washed the car yet?

by Gask March 12, 2016
Kol khara is an Arabic term and it means " eat shit " you usually say it to let someone to shut up
Kol khara, shu hal hake?
eat shit, what you talking about
by Abou Rabba April 3, 2016
Kol Khara is an Arabic slang swear word meaning : Eat Shit.
My friend offended me, so I told him, "Kol Khara."
by Bookaholic14-J March 10, 2016
Kol khara is an love word people use it when they go on dates and say it to their dates
Khara:my heart
Me:kol khara
by UnkownBonelessPizza January 20, 2020
Kol khara is a word used to refer to a person you love and respect telling them that they mean the absolute world to you.
by The best striker May 1, 2020
kol khara is an Arabic phrase translated to eat shit

You can say it when someone is talking too much
by someonefunnydddd March 31, 2020