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Khairi is the name of the most unique and rare person.

Usually has the cheerful, and playful personality but when get serious is a little bit different in character. Usually this type of person is either a gamer or an editor and also good at sports.

Also, khairi is a loyal person who hardly fall in love but when in love is a very loyal person. Khairi also mean charitable in arabic.
He's Khairi, he is the coolest guy i've ever known.
by Huiru December 28, 2017
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a man that usually have big ass

handsome and short
very loyalty and faithful
sometimes he loves to make others mad at him
khairi is good at sports too.
he can perform well in sports
everyone love khairi because he is brilliant!
khairi is the most adorable man i've ever known
by finnelson March 12, 2016
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Beautiful girl who's smart and funny, but stumbles on her words and can get very confused when it comes to certain situations. Needs to realize her worth. Overall a good friend and a great granny :)
Look at that girl.. she's such a Khairi!
by yaheardme123 December 03, 2016
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