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An americanized Armenian who is so tantalizingly attractive that he stops girls in his tracks. He sings like an angel, and has the cuddle potential of thePillsbury doughboy. A true catch.
That Kevork just turned me on so bad and he only walked by me
by kathdog November 16, 2012
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to attempt and/or accomplish suicide (derived from Dr. Kevorkian, the Suicide Doctor). First used at Riverbank High School in the late 1980s (Riverbank, CA), it was originally used in place of the dramatically less elegant 'fuck', 'frig', & 'freak' trifecta during times of adult supervision at school. It has since grown in scope and usage.
"Who drank all my Snapple? You did? Go Kevork yourself, Dad!"

"Kevork you you mother-Kevorker!"

"Kevork me? Kevork you, bitch-boy!"
by T.R.I. May 31, 2005
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To put a stop to something quickly and permanently, often with prejudice.
They kevorked my idea without even considering it.
by majawat April 20, 2006
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to kill someone (from Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a Physician who was known for being an advocate of the legal right to euthanasia and having practiced assisted suicide)
Some email scams claim to be written by someone hired to kevork you and use this as the means to extract money.
by The Return of Light Joker December 13, 2009
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most people would call them fags but for those of you who dont know you would call someone a "kevork" for example if he was a middle easten kid or some foreinger euro trash kid that is a guy and wears kapri pants and a hand bag
look at that little kevork smokin that cock at the smoking corner
by ZNat November 02, 2004
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