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A person who can adapt to different environmental influences in personality traits so he could not be disliked by anyone. Trusted by everybody and can easily back stab anyone if wrongfully messed around with.
"There's Kersey, maybe he could hang out with us today."
"I don't think you'll want to hang out with him after you just screwed around with his little sister."
by originall November 26, 2014
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Some one with a very adaptable personality, they can be nice, mean, sexy, corny, boring ,creative, loud, & quiet depending on the situation to reap any and all benefits, a chameleon really, changeable and having many talents. they only show their true colors to those they deem worthy, if you got changed up on, played, or confused its more than likely your own fault, a chameleon changes colors as a defense against predators. they are mostly kind , but don't play yo self there is more than meets the eye with these people an inner strength hidden away from the world avoid ending up on the wrong side of that power and adaptability.
One conversation with Kersey is very interesting and thought provoking because Kersey is so random Changeable, and unique .
by bearpak August 14, 2017
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