1. (n.)The spacing between letters or characters in a piece of text to be printed.
2. (v.)When you finish the bag of popcorn and all that’s left are kernels at the bottom - but you’re still hungry.
1. "I am very concerned about the kerning on this text, it looks awful."
2. "We're out of popcorn and I'm totally kerning right now."
by tone-mo February 11, 2019
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one of the most amazing guys you'll ever meet.
he's nice, fun, but has a mysterious charm to him that makes you want to know more about him.
he is not one to cry or show any weaknesses.
he's one of the true friends that you will probly have for a long time. he is usually very energetic. he loves to party and live life to its fullest. he'll always be there for you when you are falling apart, and he'll never let you down. you'll never be awkward around him, because he's a very easy person to talk to. once you meet him, you can't forget him.
Kerne, you're such an easy person to talk to!
by mmee112233 September 9, 2010
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A term used to describe a guy who wants to be cool but just ends up being more annoying than an 8 year old with ADHD who just drank 5 gallons of sugar-laden Kool-Aid.

(Note: Referred to as a "guy", although technically not a male - a large, untrimmed vag with pubic lice can be seen where the penis is usually found on a man.)
Girl: Do you hear that irritating motherfucker? Why is he fully grown, but still acts like my little sister in elementary school??

Guy: Yeah, he's a total Kerns. People always want to bitchslap the shit out of him, but it would feel too much like child abuse.
by tvrepairman October 22, 2010
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To sleep with your mom, except not as a 4-year-old who's scared of the dark, but after you're well into adulthood.
Kerns: So mom, same place same time tonight? ;) (*cough* my room, midnight *cough*)

Guy nearby: Holy shit. Talk about the creepiest family of losers around.
by rodentcontrol October 30, 2011
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A Kern was a Gaelic soldier, specifically a light infantryman during the Middle Ages.

Kern were light troops who relied on speed and mobility as armor. Sources describe the kern rushing into the attack, and then racing off so swiftly and nimbly that it was impossible for English troops to catch them. The dart was the weapon of choice for kern, the bow never achieving popularity in the country. It is from here that arised the legend of the fabled "irish ninja"

Also refers to "badass"
General 1: A Kern was a Gaelic soldier, specifically a light infantryman during the Middle Ages.

General 2: yes
by willkern March 30, 2009
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A term of abuse or endearment - the beauty is, YOU DECIDE and either way, its works.

If someone really irritates you they're a 'kern'.
If you love someone, they're 'your kern'.
That guy's such a KERN.

Can you shut the fuck up, you kern.

I love that kern.

Get a load of these Kerns!
by TubesKern April 11, 2016
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