Kennan is a person who will knock yo ass right off the bat and will most likely still yo girl
You don’t want to mess with Kennan.
I heard he can take yo girl
by Brylan April 09, 2019
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a Kennan is a fly girl with the best legs you've ever seen. a mega cool girl who all the boys want. she usually wears unacceptably short skirts/shorts/dresses and shows A LOT of cleavage and gets away with it, mostly because she accomplishes that without looking slutty. because a Kennan is someone who is beautiful and intelligent, yet mad fresh.

she usually has a bestfriend by the name of Lacy, who is less good looking than her but eqaully smart.

when approaching a Kennan, be sure not to assume you can smash her cakes just beause she looks hott and wears little clothing. be aware that she is way more than that.

a Kennan is crazy, insane, and mad outrageous. but in a good way.
Boy 1 - "I saw this ridiculously sexy girl walking in the mall today with this other cute girl. the sexy one had legs that go on for days and was lookin' mega fly. but i dont think i can smash her cakes because i'm not good enough for her"

Boy 2 - "Dude, she must have been a Kennan."
by Lacyeatsdinosaurs September 02, 2008
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An act performed by three homosexual males. One male will lay flat on his back with a funnel in his mouth. The second male will begin to defecate into the funnel while the third male simultaneously back hands the erect penis of the male laying on the floor repetitively.
After a fun night on the town, Tom hooked up with two new friends. After going back to Tom’s place, things became pretty heated and they did a dirty kennan!
by a.glaub June 30, 2020
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a necessary act that took place on october 2nd, 2004. the night jess got his first piece of ass in carosi's living room will live in infamy.
lenin kennan! kennan can't stay out of school forever...
by - October 03, 2004
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