A wonderful and kind-hearted fellow. Sometimes can be a little annoying with their jokes, however, they mean well.
He kengoed me
by helperto22 March 6, 2022
A typical japanese name. Nothing special about it.
He's a Kengo
by 1234567891011111213 November 22, 2021
Kengo is a Japanese hot male name. Although he is nice and friendly, he may sometimes be harsh to people but in a good way. He is also athletic and probably is competitive. If he was your boyfriend/friend, treat him with love. He will be your angel forever.
Man- He is so sweet and cute!!!
Woman- That must be kengo!
by Fat Fooder May 10, 2022
A typical Japanese dude who can't get any koss (pussy). He is a complete dick to others, however, he comes around eventually. He really likes to eat food yet never gets fat. He is also into kinky shit. They always want to become photographers, but end up becoming gigolos! He likes to boss people around and is a huge snitch.
That fuck ratted me out!

Ah, he must be a kengo!
by cumguzzelar October 19, 2021
This is a normal Japanese dude. Although he looks like average at everything, he has a hidden talent of potential.
Look its kengo!
by Fat Fooder May 20, 2022