Keli sometimes pronounced (Kay-Lee) is a name related with pure and kindhearted, they don’t open up at first but if they do you are lucky. Keli’s are someone you should never let leave your life if you meet one.
Bro i’d fly to the moon with Keli, shes so cool
by Luke.Lol July 8, 2019
Male: A verson of the God of Death, or a great stratagest.

ecample: Man we're in need of a Keli, or we'll so dead.
Man we're in need of a Keli, or we'll so dead.
by Ricoh March 9, 2005
is short for 'Kelichiwa' after the famous Japanese female sushi making Samurai fighter pilot. She is also known as grasshopper to her KungFu buddies.
Waaaaaaa that Keli is undefeatable!!!
by kris-kel-oe August 3, 2009
Crazy, big titted, awesome, drunk girl that can totally hold her liquor. She's nice, but when she loves you you get the best sex in the world. She loves herself a good time.
by xellix August 29, 2011
Beautiful , smart , sweet with a little bit of attitude... she's smart athletic outgoing and has a great sense of humor who love to dance and listen to music but please don't cross her the wrong way she will fight you.
Wow is that Kelis she's so pretty & smart.
by Mocha K.A.S March 14, 2017
The youngest and hottest queen. Kelis is the meaning of love. She is the happiest teen on Earth with the cutest dimples. Kelis's personality is shy, naïve, cute, pretty and very intelligent. Kelis deserves the most generous boy on Earth as she gives joy to a lot of people. Although she is only a teenager, Kelis has a very blessed voice, whenever she sings, she brings the creatures of Earth to their knees. Kelis can knock you out with just the tiniest shine of her smile. Their was once an unknown tale about Kelis, she had a father, the lord of music who had left her and her mother, Goddest Ruthless. And since that day Kelis has been hiding her doubt and negativity from the world. They once said that whenever Kelis is negative, an earthquake appears, so never brake Kelis's heart. That's a lesson. Whenever you come across a Kelis, show them a lot of respect, as they were the ones who created joy and love. We should be very generous to have Kelis on our planet.
Kelis... the meaning of happiness, joy and love. The girl who was blessed with amazing gifts. If you ever come across a Kelis, you will never take your eyes of them.
by Kween.Unique March 11, 2018