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Greek Mythical God of PARTY and WAR; adopted son of Zeus; fat,hairy, but deceptively attractive; partys like a fucking rock star. Angry when sober; Bad ass dude when intoxicated. Loyal to his homies. Tends to live in solitude, until called upon. Deliverer of pain to all enemies. Preaches reciprocity in all environments. Unbreakable spirit. Digs all chicks.
Bitch, Step the fuck back or I will fucking keil you!!

I just want to get keiled the fuck up! Give me a brew, lets get high!!!
by kigi September 02, 2008
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To force yourself upon an unwilling female whilst dancing, usually involving brutal thrusting to the ass region.

Often performed by hairy, desperate boys.
1 :Dude she just got keiled!
2 :Man, Alex is wasted. We better warn the girls that there is gonna be some intense keiling going down!
by Jeffery Bong. February 26, 2008
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In the act of gay sex, you lift ur feet up, while still in his ass, and use ur feet to whack the guy off.
-Hey do u want me to keil you?
-Sure! Just clib your toenails first.
by douche bag March 14, 2003
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