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Keegals- the excercise done to tighten ones vagina. The action of squeezing and releasing the vaginal muscles
Bob: for fuck sakes Martha your looser then a hump back whale. It's like throwing a hot dog down a hall way
Martha: fuck you bob! Your just a stupid Jabroni!
Bob: God damnit Martha just do your Keegals!
by TheNorthern88 January 05, 2017
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The possibilty of increasing a womans chance to have an orgasm by performing the keegal excersise. The excersise strengthens the PC muscle around the vagina. Contract the muscle hold it for a few secs then relax it, repeat.
Butters- Sandy Keegal again..
Sandy- mmmmmmm!..
Chris- i wish i could keegal :(
by Butters December 28, 2004
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The opposite of the majestic eagle

Found in the depths of their dad's basement or with that drug dealer nobody wants to hang out with.
The Keegal aims to please no one but themselves as they believe that the world owes them everything but does nothing in return. After receiving gifts or items they will give negative feedback on why they did not enjoy the gift they received.

The Keegal finds interest in video games, anime, or other devices to avoid tasks such as work, school, and exercise. They will often learn a different language so they can talk like a weeboo or a wexican in front of their friends.

The keegal does not search for work as it is often given to them by friends or the drug dealer. When the keegal receives their pay they will spend all of it on toys or video games to brag to friends. The keegal does not keep their job long as they become lazy and goof off task; usually found smoking playing on their phone.

The keegal is also known as the weasel as they will gossip to friends about other friends until drama inflicts. The keegal will than watch in fulfillment as the drama develops.

The drug dealer will call upon the keegal for company when no one wants to hang out with the drug dealer or fuck his on/off girlfriend. The drug dealer offers the Keegal food, drugs, cigarettes, and video games for odd jobs until the drug dealer kicks the keegal out when they become irritable or clingy.
Person 1: who's that guy picking peanuts out of poop?
Person 2: oh that's (name here). He's a "keegal".
Person 1: eww gross
Keegal: bake

by Shitdisturber May 15, 2016
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