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Kayla is the type of girl that will just not give any fucks. She is short and a bad ass shawty. She is very beautiful, undrstanding, thoughtful, intelligent, and mostly funny. Her top quality in her personality is her sense of humor. She hates to see other people sad so she tries her hardest to brighten up others days. But under all of that happiness there are two sides to her. One side: She doesn't take any bullshit from anybody. No matter who it is and what the situation is about, she will 100% guaranteed fight a bitch. Second side: She is hiding who she really is in front of others. Most of the time she uses a mask as a cover up. In reality, she isn't happy. That's why you need to be careful about what you say or do around Kayla. Kayla is very fragile. she is like glass, once you break it, its hard to put the pieces back together. She is the most chillest motherfucker you can find anywhere. She doesn't have a friend preference because, everyone loves her. She does prefer hanging with guys more than girls. Not because, they "cause less drama" but because she feels like they are more understanding and considerate than chicks. Boys absolutely love Kayla. Usually she gets stuck in a lot of love triangles or maybe even squares! She gets caught up in a lot of boy drama and even drama itself. But in conclusion, she always finds a way out because...well, she's Kayla!
Gretchen: who's the new girl?

Sally: Kayla
Gretchen: why is she acting like she rules the school?

Sally: Because Gretch... she does rule this school.

Alex: Dayum that girl Kayla sure is hot

Sally: I heard she was gonna run for student body president to fuck the school up

Alex: well that won't be the only thing she'll be fucking ;)

Sally: Ew go away Alex
by oldcockhead547 April 17, 2019
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