Kaydee's are usually very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very clumsy. They enjoy reading (a lot), and laying around watching movies. They are usually somewhat tall, brown hair, and love music. The best things about the are they are not self conscious and will rock out singing in the car making your ears literally burst, but always make you laugh. They know every word of every song, and every artist and title of every song. They have a strange obsession with actors named Chris. They are very picky about the boys they like. They will keep you up all night talking. They are very strong in there opinion and it wont change. You have to have to have a Kaydee in your life because they are awesome people, no matter what all the others say.

PS. There too special to have there name the usual Katie.
Kaydee: (2:30 AM) DANCE IS A SPORT BECAUSE....

Friend: No its not because...

Kaydee: Nope, good night, LALALALALALALALALALA

Friend: (Face palm) Fine, but its not a sport.


Friend:(4:30 AM) Whatever. Goodnight.

by ScarMcall06 June 06, 2018
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Kaydee is a amazing, caring, loving, person however don't ever try to get in her way as she will turn into the devil in a flash.
Bob: Hey Kaydee!
Kaydee: Hi :)
John: Ewww you're friends with Kaydee haha
Kaydee: Do you know who the fuck your talking too
John:haha no
Kaydee: oh I didn't think so *attacks brutally*
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by Dodelkat December 01, 2020
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The phonetic spelling of "KD" which is short for Kraft Dinner.

Women who are referred to or nicknamed as "Kay Dee" have an unnatural orange hue to their skin, much like the colour found in Kraft Dinner's cheese sauce powder.

In addition to orange skin, Kay Dee's often have bleached blond hair which adds to the inability to differentiate them from one another.

Kay Dee can be used when you can't remember their names because they all look and dress the same.
- Ugh, that girl has so much fake tan on, she's such a Kay Dee

- There was a group of Kay Dees heading into the bar

- I have no idea what her name is but she's as orange as an Umpa Lumpa so I just call her Kay Dee.
by CoraFang July 05, 2010
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1. A rachet ass hoe that wears a lot of make up.

2. A girl known as a rachet that also wears a lot of make up.
person 1: Yo that girl is such Kaydee.

Person 2: I know, its gross dude.
by aceia October 25, 2012
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A snakey bitch who talks shit about everyone she meets.
Never trust her because she’ll spread bullshit about you.
person 1: “Oh look it’s kaydee, I hate her
person 2: “Yeah same she talked shit about me yesterday”
by stonelover995 January 11, 2018
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Kaydee’s are usually very skinny but likes to eat a lot of food, they are pretty and very nice but they can be a bitch when they want to be, they don’t like fake friends and usually there bestest friend in the world is mya, although she is very pretty her boobs and bum are very flat but her looks make up for it so it’s all good!
Guy: yoyoyo
Guy 2: yo yo I’m with me g Kaydee and her best friend mya
by Sexy monster 2005 August 03, 2018
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Short skinny legged bitch, Kaydee’s are usually skinny and bitches, flat chested and flat arse ugly, skinny, alien toes, and her farts are the absolute worst if you smell them. Bug eyes, queen of heart lips
Guy: do you smell that

Guy 2:yep that’s Kaydee’s fart
by Sexy monster 2005 August 03, 2018
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