A girl who will change your life.
A girl who is just so amazing, so wonderful,
that can make you smile just by looking at her.
Smart, beautiful, amazing, cool, funny, cute, and outgoing.
If you find a girl like this,
you're set for life.
I love my Kayce.
by omfgdudewtf February 24, 2010
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A girl who is absolutley beautiful, one whos persanlity matches that of her looks. She is always outgoing and caring of others she holds close. She puts family first and respects others opinions. A girl that can be extroverted or introverted pending how she feels.
Ethan : have you seen how caring kayce is

Ted : yeah I need to get me a kayce
by Vaperz585 July 08, 2018
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The way " Kayce " is spelt, it's unusual; but very unique. Kayce can be a know it all at times. Also quite bitchy, as some would say. But then again Kayce could be the nicest girl you know. A Kayce normally has red, or brown hair. "Kayce's" are the bestfriends you could ever have.
Woah, she's so nice. I bet her name is Kayce (:
by KayJo. :) May 04, 2010
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my baby girl who i love with all of my heart. shes perfect in every way and makes this world turn. her smile makes me melt he eyes hypnotize me and her beauty takes my breath away <3 9.21.08
i am so in love with kayce :)
by colombo91 May 27, 2009
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Someone who is left brained-ditsy at times that over all is just trying to keep their feet on the ground. cute an sometimes sexy with great tits but not stuck up, very down to earth. A dreamer that just wants to get by. loved by all who become acquaintances
by squirli August 11, 2010
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One who is ugly beyond belief and usually repulses guys and gurls alike. Not sure what species this thing is, it is often known to complain a lot and is ur typical cock block. Known by its short stature, pot belly, and striking resemblence to Sloth from Goonies
Person 1: So who would you rather do, KayC or a dead goat
Person 2: Oh dude the dead goat by far, are you kidding me, KayC looks like fucking Sloth
by Cstar69 December 06, 2006
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An annoying periscope troll. She smells like cat pee
Don’t be a KayC
by Bob9181 October 31, 2018
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