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Kaveen is a cool guy that everybody loves! His jokes bring the entire room filled with people to tears from laughing! Everybody loves hanging out with him and he is incredibly smart.
Kaveen is the funniest kid I know !!!
by DEFINITIONS.INC June 18, 2018
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Kaveen is a guy, who is usually from the origin of Sri Lanka. He has the love for rap music and electronic music. Most people wouldn't want to be a kaveen.
Friend: Hey, kaveen how have you been
Kaveen: Yo Yo Yo wassup
by Rabanapi June 28, 2017
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Kaveen will tell you he's black. Technically, he's brown, and Sri Lankan. His love for Kanye West does give him some hope, but his full black potential will never be fulfilled unless he succumbs to the colonel. Not eating KFC makes him a woman, yet healthy, but nevertheless a woman.
Friend: "Would you like to indulge in a meal from KFC today, Kaveen?"
Kaveen: "No, I'm a woman."
by His penis May 07, 2013
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Something thata sits in the ground and remains in the same spot for hundreds of years but manages to jump out in front of you on your way home from snorting crack.
Me: Hey kaveen, what you doing today?

Kaveen : HALLO GUYS. AND welCOme To My NEw ViDEo. 🎵🎶😂(Yeah, aye)😂 It's the thirst💧😰, thirstiest🥵💦 time⏰, of the year🗓. (Aye🤣, yuh👌🏾) 👀I have just ☝🏾one query❓ (😳What's that?🤔) Wanna 🙋🏾 ♂️Sprite 🥤😎Cranberry🍒💦? (😏Uh huh😏) The 😩answer 🤤is clear.. 😋😉It's the 🥵😳thirst, 🤫🤭thirstiest 💦💦💯time⏰, of the year.📅 (🥤Sprite🍒, let's go🏃🏾 ♂️)🎶🎵
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by 12334564232 March 22, 2019
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An ugly kid with a thicc Sri Lankan accent. Not many people like him and will generally avoid him. He can be funny cause people like to laugh at him. kaveen is really reatrded sometimes and makes you just cringe to his actions. If you look him your eyes will immediately decintigrate
friend: Hi kaveen
kaveen: halllo maaan
by LORDLYGOD March 06, 2019
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