The second biggest city in Lithuania. It was a temporary capital for some time.
Vilnius is the capital, and Kaunas is the second.
by Vardas September 5, 2004
Kaunas is Lithuania’s second largest city. Known for its terrible roads and zalgiris basketball team. Whenever you are not careful there you will be robbed by a group of “marozai” wearing abidas tracksuit.
“Kaunas is cool”
Yeah but be careful of marozai and potholes in road
by Mazzaleena November 3, 2020
A pretty hot really nice girl who looks out for her friends and has a nice ass ngl
by Jsihbdjwigndjgw May 23, 2019
Kauna is someone who short and sweet he likes

Spending money and drinking too much alcohol
Did u see Kauna today
No:he's probably out drinking
by November 23, 2021