The name for fans of Katy Perry. Became popular when the Hello Katy tour was announced, but has been in use long before that. Home of the KatyCats!
by katy-cat-forever August 3, 2009
The massive followers of Katy Perry. They would take a bullet for her. You can find them on twitter, the Katy Perry Forum or wherever Katy Perry is.
"What the fuck is up with that chick, she's crying?"
"Katy Perry just tweeted her, she's obviously a KatyCat."
by FarmerKathryn November 19, 2011
The best fandom in the world
#1 Katy Perry's stans
My best friend : Have you listen to Katy's new song?
Me : of course i'm a KatyCat
by LUCIDDREAM4444 December 7, 2021
A fan of the singer Katy Perry, fans coined the term when Perry embarked on her "Hello Katy Tour".
Guy; Have you heard of Katy Perry?

Girl; Are you kidding? I'm a total Katycat!
by _blue_eyes_ March 1, 2009
Language KatyCats (Katy Perry hardcore fans) use.
KatyCat Language-Speshul, Purrfect(ion), Totes Mahgotes, Bearcunt.
by Your Mothers Mom. March 17, 2012