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Half Danish, Half Swiz and half Hong Kongish. Katrines are a rare breed of female. They are often smoking hot and great in bed. Men have been known to ejaculate their testicles at the sight of a katrine. Often seen dating complete loosers who headbutt people and are crap at badminton.
A katrine is a social being and is often seen performing miracles, stopping wars, curing cancer and eating cheese.

Loyal and kind a katrine is the offspring of God and Buddha.
"I think i just creamed my pants"
"How come?"
"I just saw a Katrine"

"Carlsberg dont do girlfriends but if they did they would probably be katrine"

"That girl is a perfect 10"
"Tru dat shes a real Katrine"
by Charlie Bumface July 27, 2009
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A rare breed of innocent girls. You will encounter a Katrine only once in your life. They usually spend more time on pointless activities, like proving their innocence, instead of focusing on the bachelor thesis and the future. Only highly intelligent people can perceive their innocence as a facade.
I thought she was a slut? No, she is so katrine.
by MFKD June 12, 2011
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Katrine is the name of a beautiful girl who always knows exactly what to say. She is nice, caring, and every guy is freaking in love with her. She knows how to have fun and is extremely funny. Sneaky and clever, a Katrine knows how to get her way. She is so hot but can be nerdy on occasions. She is loud and loves to be wild. She is a bit crazy but you can't help but love her. Sometimes she thinks she is the shit and is extremely cocky but she is always joking in the end. 21 is her primetime and usually lives in california. If you find one, keep her. They are hard to come across.
Duuuuude you are suchha katrine.

damn katrine i wish i was you.
by immacaligirl4ever July 04, 2011
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