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The person beholding the name Katie-Ann is considered very mysterious, sexy, intelligent, amazing. Not only are they sexy but they are sex goddesses. If you ever get a chance to be in bed with a Katie-Ann make sure you take it because you will have the time of your life. Katie-Ann’s love letting the man be in control while being in bed. Katie-Ann’s heart is full of gold and loyalty. Katie-Ann is a loyal friend and partner. If you mess with a Katie-Ann then you should be careful and step back because the other side of them isn’t one you want to see . Once you get with a Katie-Ann you will be addicted to them forever. Everything about them will melt your heart, never let a Katie-Ann go.

Extravagant and out-going, Katie-Ann will make you want them more and more everyday. Katie-Ann’s kisses and expertise’s are like fireworks. They are everything you want in someone.
You’ll want one when you get one, never let them go. Katie-Ann will be the most loyal person you’ve ever had and most sexiest.
by Urban2002dictionary May 08, 2018
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A very unintelligent girl. Usually a blonde and has long hair. She doesn't consider herself "popular" but everybody knows her because she's dating the school's most annoying athlete. She tends to play dumb around all her friends when in fact she has some important knowledge, such as y=mx+b and that a dog is considered a "Canis lupus." Some may even call her a "jit" (see jit.)
Person 1: Did you see that dumb blonde girl's look in 1st period this morning?
Person 2: You mean Katie-Ann? Yeah, she's so dumb.
by aintherson April 02, 2017
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