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A bad girl she loves being with her boyfriend she's emotional sometimes but she's amazing she started being a hoe but then she turns loyal she also pretty
Bet , get yourself a Katherin and never let her go cuz once she leaves you'll miss her
by Danvasquex April 04, 2017
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Katherin is a very beautiful girl that is quite the bookworm she is very shy and once you get her to laugh she is a sunshine on a cloudy day never let her go you will regret it.
Katherin loves books I’ll ask her to help me study!
by xghxx June 06, 2018
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A psycho hoe that will try and take your man, it doesn't end up working of course but, "hoes make the world harder than it has to be" -dr.dre
Omg she tried getting with Flávio, she is such a katherin.
by Hunakaluna July 17, 2016
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