i still have feelings for you, This girl kill me step on me spit on and ill still like her :)
#kat is crazzzzzzyyyyy
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by Bigbootyfathoe00 June 07, 2021
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Great personality, probably a little crazy, HIGH chance of being a weeb
Person 1:That persons name is Kat so they probably watch anime
Person 2: How do you know?
Person 1: Urban Dictionary
by Denki_is_learning September 12, 2020
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Kat is CRAZY she will hiss at you if you come near her and she is a talented artist. She might bight so wear a helmet, she also could identify as a lion as well, so make sure your not hunted by her.
Kat is a scary lion girl.
by Bipolar man with 17 nipples March 14, 2020
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the most amazing person in the world, she is amazing, smart, beautiful and talented and she helps everyone including me *MIO*. she is very kind and funny. I'm very happy to be her girlfriend <3
by jahahaha9!2!2!, May 08, 2021
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Kat is that one friend who is really kind hearted. Fun to be around. You made weird jokes that only you guys would understand
Has some questionable...kiribaku things on her phone. BUT HEY ITS FINE! She'll always be there for you.

You definitely want to stay friends with a kat.
Yall be crocin together
Person: who's that?

Croc person: oh! That's my friend kat!
by shaMANo October 15, 2019
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