my best friend, my sister, my life. can make someone laugh at all times no matter what, amazing smile, and the greatest life. great heart, not a morning person one bit, great personality, very strong at keeping her self esteem strong. you meet her, you love her. period
by gagaforgaga3634646 February 05, 2010
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--A complete dare-devil that will do anything for the show to go on.

Ohh, and she is completley and totally BEAUTIFUL !
"Boy 1" OMG! Did you see that girl pass by? She ihs defintley a Kassandra.

"Boy 2" Woahh, i HAVE to get those digits!
by Cassssieeeeee December 19, 2008
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german way of saying `cassandra`
There is also a ride in Germany called "Kassandra" which broke down while we went on it *grrrr* the doors wouldnt open! swear they were trying to lock us in! but the way they said `kassandra` was awesome!!! sooooo evil!
* in evil German deep voice*<< gr8 stuff :)
by halo from a pixie April 04, 2005
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Kassandra is a peninsula,municipality and town in Halkidiki,Greece. The peninsula is known because of its tourist attraction and the big forest fire of august 2006.
Last year we went in kassandra for holidays, it was great!
by valia December 27, 2007
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Kassandra is a tall girl how is shy but once gets to be known she is a great friend smiles everywhere she goes she is very tomboy in the darkest days she will make the best of it if your friend is named Kassandra you are in for the best years of your life she plays a lot of video games (c.o.d,heros of the storm,overwatch)you can spend hours looking into her dark brown eyes and her soft hair the second she touches your hand you can feel her cold.she listens to sad romantic garbage (joji,ect) the second she walks in the room lights up knowing today is a good day Kassandra is a great girlfriend stealing your jacket to giving random kiss out of nowhere she listens what you have to say if you 10/27/20
Kassandra is my best friend a person can ask for
by Kassiy4life October 23, 2017
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Gorgeous girl, great breast and ass. Has no limit to profanity or number of boyfriends. Really hot.
DAMN Kassandra you lookin fine
by Skylor Smith November 04, 2016
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