an Italian long drink popular in Florence... one part Chianti, one part Coca Cola.
Bartender, i'll have a karla on the rocks.
by the blob August 14, 2003
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A girl who dances weirdly to make her friends laugh.
Person: omg what is that girl doing
Friend: oh no don’t worry that’s just Karla
by Mark litbro October 16, 2019
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A girl who works her body like the rent is due tomorrow every day
Look at that Karla saving up those grains of sand in vain.

OMG! That girl standing on the corner of the auto shop is SUCH a Karla.
by daVIDAroxxx October 04, 2010
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Karla is a beautiful Indian skinned girl with short curly hair. She doesn’t like fake people in any type of case. She’s a short Hispanic girl, sensitive can be quiet and shy but at the same time is the opposite when she’s comfortable with you. She not scared of anybody and she’s really goofy and weird. She a really small person but don’t let that take advantage of her. She is very loyal to her family and friends and she doesn’t judge you for who you are or what you wanna be even if you wanna be some prostitute or whatever. She don’t got a lot of people in her circle, and she don’t do love at first site. She does NOT find it attractive when you compliment her body. Don’t spell her name with a “c” just don’t 🤣. Love her while you can and don’t lose her, keep a Karla. She will give you the same energy you give her if you fuck around with her.
Karla is going to get ran over ahhh
Karla: let my ass get ran over

by Mußic June 28, 2019
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She’s a fricken god on fortnite. If you know a Karla, tell her to carry you BECAUSE SHE WILL! She’s so beast and only gets beaster every day. They call her dakotaz because she hits those but we all know she’s better than dakotaz.
Friend: OH SHIIIT! Is that TFue?!
Other Friend: nooo, that’s KARLITA805!!
Karla: yardy knoww fooooo
by not a squid May 30, 2019
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karla is a bitch. she’s a meanie weenie and constantly bully’s everyone below herself. she will literally slap you so hard on the arm that her handprint is left red, and swollen against your skin. after every shot she takes in basketball, she walks away like she already knows she made it. she will throw your balls, and make you chase them across the floor.
oh god , karla’s coming.” “you better run, karla’s going to smack your balls.”
by chokeonmy February 10, 2019
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