I wonder what happens when your local Sea World equivalent has a killer whale kark it?
by Telephony February 1, 2016
From the slang Kark (shortened form of carcass - a dead body)

To have died
I drove to the Heatherbell Crossroads and stalled. I tried to start it, it had karked it - totally

In a film of my life I would have got out and thrashed it soundly with a tree branch ala Basil Fawlty

But I didnt.....
by Little Miss Mayonnaise July 5, 2005
to take full advantage of free items such as buffet or free items , to always get free stuff some how
he is karking the hell out of that buffet ,, karked it hard
by kark August 6, 2014
To die (as in carcass)
I couldn't come to visit last week my truck karked.
by dudley dooright July 22, 2003
1. An internet term intended as a substiute for harsher four letter epithet's
What in the karkin hell are you doing?
by Razyd July 28, 2006
I just bought a liter of Kark for $9.
by bizzy j21 June 27, 2008
to go off beat during a DJ mix ,AKA: trainwreck
the crowd left the room when i karked during my set
by oioicaptainsmokes August 2, 2017