The sexiest woman alive. She has that hair flip that makes her always look amazing. Guys in every grade fall for her. Karens are really big flirts. But it doesn't matter because guys like her anyways. She never has a boyfriend even though everyone is head over heals for her. Even if she has a boyfriend everyone always is grinding on her at the parties. She literally steals the show. She makes girls jealous and guys horny.
Guy 1: Oh my God who s that?
Guy 2: Oh thats Karen, but she has a boyfreind.
Guy 1: Who cares? She'll flirt with me anyways.
by moxysexygirl998877 November 20, 2011
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Karen is a gawjuss amazing sexy hot lovely and i love her soo much :D im so lucky :)
i thought for hours of a example of Karen but shes to amazing to be compared againest <3
by Karens Man September 11, 2011
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A middle aged white mom and wife who is married to a rich white lawyer or someone who is white and wealthy. Karen is a stay at home mom who is usually quite hot. Karen has three kids and can often be found scrolling through her instagram feed or taking hundreds of selfies while neglecting her kids at times. She owns many designer brand items and can be considered racist and snobby by some
Wow she is so lucky to be a stay at home mom who is rich and living the life!
Well she is a Karen, what do you expect?
by Forest Hill Toronto January 11, 2018
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The most amazingly beautiful girl I know both inside and out! She's super smart with the most amazing personality! She's cute, kind, funny, absolutely gorgeous, but yet a little shy. She has the most amazing smile that can brighten your day and brightest blue eyes that sparkle in the night sky, long beautiful blonde hair. Her voice is just so mesmerizing. She's a little insecure but she just hasn't realized how absolutely amazing she is yet. I don't know what I would do without her she is my world and the best friend that no one could ever replace. No one could ever forget her. She's honestly the one that I could see myself with forever and ever. I love her.
Damn Karen is so fuckin amazing!!!
by uirthgejdovfibgeuohirjn July 24, 2013
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A great girl who is kind, generous, and beautiful. She is so giving to a point that can be annoying. She is also insecure sometimes but has no reason to be. She needs to rememberthat if your being hated on then your doing something right. She is loved by her friends.
Karen is so great!
by AgentJelly December 27, 2016
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