The demon of any store that the employees fear.... this dangerous creature lurks in the lairs of unvaccinated children homes and her number one goal is to talk to your manager. You would know if this woman is a Karen is by their hair, they usually wear a bob and is typically blonde. Just hope that the Karen’s will not enter your store today. For it is a sight even demons fear?
Employee: hey how can I help you?
Karen: I will speak to your manager.
by Girls-on-film•=• April 13, 2020
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that girl in your class who slaps people, and acts like a demented chicken.
by caterpillarz December 12, 2019
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Aged 44, has 4 kids (they listen to kidz bop) has a bob cut with blonde hair, annoying, doesn’t want to “calm down” and always wants to speak to your manager.
Karen : I would like to speak to your manager.
Cashier: Ah you must be Karen
by MiniMint November 22, 2019
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She will call you a bitch until kids bop stops and will talk to any manger
Karen: “ my kids can’t hear me calling u a bitch
by X.P Leader November 27, 2019
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Karen is a white 40 year old mom that has anger issues.
by Francesca is hot November 9, 2020
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A women you will love at one point, and then she leaves you and takes the house, the money, and the kids.
I use to have everything I wanted, but then Karen came into my life, and left.
by KappaTony December 31, 2019
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