Aged 44, has 4 kids (they listen to kidz bop) has a bob cut with blonde hair, annoying, doesn’t want to “calm down” and always wants to speak to your manager.
Karen : I would like to speak to your manager.
Cashier: Ah you must be Karen
by MiniMint November 22, 2019
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An entitled person, usually a female with blonde hair.
Karen: Ugh, you Asians caused the PANDEMIC!
Random Person: Stfu, dumb karen.
by prevailthebride March 1, 2021
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She will call you a bitch until kids bop stops and will talk to any manger
Karen: “ my kids can’t hear me calling u a bitch
by X.P Leader November 27, 2019
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that girl in your class who slaps people, and acts like a demented chicken.
by caterpillarz December 12, 2019
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An amazing girl. She has a wonderful group of friends. She loves boyz but doesnt need a boyfriend to validate her and is happy single or in a relationship. She loves to do crazy things with her best friends. She wants everyone to be happy except when she's in a bad mood. Then you better be on her side or get out of her way. She is a morning person when she has to be but at the same time loves to sleep in. She is team Jacob all the way. She has her flaws and owns up to it but she will never stop striving to be better. She loves with all she has. Don't Piss Her Off. She's also a natural flirt and tease. Don't judge it's just the way she is.
Karen is walking down the street and sees her friend Cristian.

"Hey Cristian what's up."
"Let's go prank Jacob!!"
"Awesome!! Let's go."
by KCWillows July 7, 2012
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The sexiest woman alive. She has that hair flip that makes her always look amazing. Guys in every grade fall for her. Karens are really big flirts. But it doesn't matter because guys like her anyways. She never has a boyfriend even though everyone is head over heals for her. Even if she has a boyfriend everyone always is grinding on her at the parties. She literally steals the show. She makes girls jealous and guys horny.
Guy 1: Oh my God who s that?
Guy 2: Oh thats Karen, but she has a boyfreind.
Guy 1: Who cares? She'll flirt with me anyways.
by moxysexygirl998877 November 20, 2011
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