The most Bitchiest girl you'll meet and will ask to speak to your manager if you fuck up or stutter, she will als oyell at you if you are outside and not in quarentine.
me: hi how can I help you today
Karen: I'll just have the usual
me: I'm sorry ma'am but this is my first day so I don't know your usual
Karen: WTF i've never been disrespected so much in my life, you do not know how to do your job correctly, I would like to speak to your manager
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by lilpussyflap April 24, 2020
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The type of middle-aged white mom to constantly ask to speak to the manager.
Worker: Hi how can I help you?
Karen: Can I speak to the manager? My food is not how I want it and I would like a refund.
by heyheylol February 20, 2020
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Karen is a white 40 year old mom that has anger issues.
by Francesca is hot November 09, 2020
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Someone who always wishes to speak to the manager, has a 'Soccer Mom Haircut', will not vaccinate and always gains custody of children. Might be a lesbian.
Jake: Steve, Karen took the kids.. Now I won't be able to sneak the 6-month-old out to get vaccinations.. I'm so worried he's going to die of measles.
Steve: Damn, that sucks man, I hope things get better--
Karen: (Kicks in door) Have ANY of you MOTHERFUCKERS heard of ESSENTIAL OILS??
by That-Lonely-Cunt February 17, 2019
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She will call you a bitch until kids bop stops and will talk to any manger
Karen: β€œ my kids can’t hear me calling u a bitch
by X.P Leader November 27, 2019
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The Greek name Karen means a pure and beautiful lady. Someone who is caring and kind. Is independent yet loving.
That girl is a perfect example of a Karen, I wish she were mine.
by rrena February 25, 2009
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Karen is a girl beautiful inside and out, they know how to make your day just being a complete sweetheart. Their one of those types of people, you can see yourself being friends with a long time. They consider to be one of your best friends. Karens usually know how to get down on the dance floor. Their in love with music. They care a lot about other people no matter how much someone hurts them. They do their best to make everyone happy. Stronger than a lot of people. They have the biggest heart out there. Even if their days are going bad along with yours, they'll still find in their hearts to somehow be there for you. Karens are just plain wonderful. Their true friends, hard to find.
Dang, look at Karen get low to Justin Bieber.
Karen is Beautiful!
Geezzzuss, Karen damn ;)
by 5/31 June 07, 2011
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