Someone that gets girls, but doesn't know what to do with them because they are to sensitive for their own good.
He is like an Onu, a player on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside.
by Ivanne January 7, 2009
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ONU f is used as a non-professional shorthand form of the term "Of No Use." It can also be used verbally out loud in public or say in the new normal zoomed out 'office' environment. This, where an inadequate room in your house is permanently used by a corporate entity, without paying rent or compensation of other sorts, simply on the basis that you as a zeeb would otherwise have to shell-out $scrotes to commute to your now obsolete office and back every day of the week.

There is no profanity actually implied nor created from time to time when using ONU! It is a simple three letter acronym and has absolutely nothing to do with the United Nations.
"Yes we interviewed the Gandalf. However, he was ONU, so we sent him for psychiatric reassessment" said the middle manger while stirring his coffee.

"The diodes in all receivers are 1N914's matched on an ohmmeter. (this is ONU and as such should be substituted for Schottky diodes)" from a open source hardware documentation template.
by zorgrian January 24, 2021
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a word to describe a condition of extreme dangleberries (up to 3cm) formed as a result of frequent and extensive pounding in and around the anal region
After spending the night with B, i have contracted a severe case of Onus
by besteverrrrrrrrlife July 27, 2010
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The process of calling someone that you know is not home, or cannot answer, for the sole purpose of shifting the responsibility of the return call to the other person.
"I called him when he was on the golf course because I knew he wouldn't answer. Classic onus shift."
by Roamin' Polanski July 11, 2008
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A sexual position similar to doggy style but where the person on the bottom has to do all the work.
"I thought I could take a break and just do doggy style but he reverse onused me".
by rachelike89 April 10, 2013
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