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A person who is grotesque and has very few friends if any at all. Usually fat and balding although it is not uncommon for a kapa to brush up nicely. They are usually lacking in intelligence and this becomes apparent very quickly to those around them.
Stan: whose that new kid at school he is such a loser.
Hannah: yeah i hate that new kid he's such a fucken kapa.

Tom: I can never have any fun with this kapa around talking shit.

In a club
Boy: Hey baby i sent our names off to the love calculator and the result was positive, 100%
Girl: (girl walks away in disgust)

Slut: I was with this kapa last night. i am more unsatisfied sexually now then what i was before the encounter.
Friend of Slut: You know what they say, once you go kapa you never go back to a kapa ever again.
Slut: yeah id rather slit my wrists haha seriously

Steve: I'm kapalicious
Dom: hahahaha what a faggot!
by AndyTalman December 18, 2009
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Filipino-Visayan slang for fuck (not referring to sex, but equally bad). Roots for this word is not exactly known (if anyone knows, fill me in please).
by ronskee September 20, 2004
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its actually not a visayan term but a mindanawan term ( way south of the philippines.)

ive only heard this term from my friends in cagayan de oro city , which is in mindanao.

kapa in filipino is to feel.
pare paki-kapa nga ang pwet ko parang may tae pa.
(dude can you feel my ass i think theres some poop residues )
by edgein` October 11, 2005
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