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A person who is grotesque and has very few friends if any at all. Usually fat and balding although it is not uncommon for a kapa to brush up nicely. They are usually lacking in intelligence and this becomes apparent very quickly to those around them.
Stan: whose that new kid at school he is such a loser.
Hannah: yeah i hate that new kid he's such a fucken kapa.

Tom: I can never have any fun with this kapa around talking shit.

In a club
Boy: Hey baby i sent our names off to the love calculator and the result was positive, 100%
Girl: (girl walks away in disgust)

Slut: I was with this kapa last night. i am more unsatisfied sexually now then what i was before the encounter.
Friend of Slut: You know what they say, once you go kapa you never go back to a kapa ever again.
Slut: yeah id rather slit my wrists haha seriously

Steve: I'm kapalicious
Dom: hahahaha what a faggot!
by AndyTalman December 18, 2009

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