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A really pretty girl that is freaky but quiet about it that loves music and dance she is very hardheaded and harsh but everyone loves her
"Bro did you she that girl today she has to be a kanya"
by Misjudged lion May 27, 2017
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A kind and caring guy everyone wants to be friends with. Very cute looking too🀀
Omg kanya is so caring and kindπŸ™ˆ
by TrAvIs Kings December 16, 2018
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To hate on, cock block or otherwise ruin the fun for someone else.
Ex #1:

Person 1: Yo, I was at the club talking to this honey the other night, and Sandy came over and said "you know you are wrong for talking to her when you have a girlfriend."

Person 2: Really? Why'd Sandy go all Kan-Ya on you?

Ex #2:
Person 1: Did you see him jump on stage, hate of her performance, and ruin her acceptance speech?

Person 2: Yeah, I did. He straight Kan-Ya'ed that chick.
by xXJodiXx September 14, 2009
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