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When you masturbate into the hose of someone's anti-snoring sleep device. The cum then flies around in the hose in a circular fashion gaining pressure until it hits the sleeping person's face. The resulting shock combined with the wind and sound makes the person wake up and think that they are in a tornado.
My friend John was passed out with his sleep device on so I unhooked the house and jerked off in it. He woke up when the jizz hit his face and screamed, "Wow, Ocean City Hurricane last night, and now a Kansas Tornado!"
by Ed Rooney Jr September 06, 2016
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When you jiz and cover your dick in it, and then you pour pop rocks on your dick. Then have your partner give you oral sex. It represents a feeling of explosiveness.
"dude, my dick felt like a volcano last night when I got a kansas tornado!"
by Sword Polisher March 13, 2009
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