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a girl who is understanding, too caring, very loving, so adorable, and creates fights.
I know Kanny is always being all cute and nice with me, but why does she have to have fights with him all the time?
by sprightly January 25, 2009
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A girl who cares way too much and overthinks everything. She will be there for you, no matter how many times you screw her over, and she will always keep you in her mind. Shes so fragile but you won’t see that as she only shows you her bubbly, fun, outgoing side. She’s not afraid to strike up a conversation and she’s ready to be your friend any day. She’s definitely an extrovert but she does love cozy nights binging on Netflix. Once she cares about you, she’ll always have your back and she’s not afraid to stand up for you. Keep her safe tho cuz she is so fragile and precious
OMG, have you met her? She’s such a Kanny cuz she’s so outgoing and amazing
by Barbjolol July 07, 2018
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