A beautiful, kind, and intelligent girl. It means "Gold" in Asia, so by definition they are precious people. She is honest, hard working, and is loyal to her friends. It's also a palindrome, so it's unique! A beautiful name that's used for both men and women. It's not a common name, so its unique. Every Kanak I've met has been sweet, and caring. People with the name Kanak never do anything wrong in their life. They have a good reputation in society, and have high moral standards. They have clean records, and stay away from bad things like drugs. They're perfect in everyway!!!! They take time to volunteer and give back to society, and they hang out with good people. They don't judge others and they're approachable. Kanak's are also easy going people, who have high self-confidence. Kanak's also have a good sense of humor!!!!!!
She's a Kanak. She's a perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Kanak!!!!!!!!!!
by Precious_Sarah November 23, 2019
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A very kind hearted,caring person who's always smiling. She will make you really happy if your freinds with her ,don't miss your chance.
by Hgsgjc jifxvjig April 6, 2018
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Kanak means gold,wheat in Indian language.
She is as pure as Kanak
by KANB April 9, 2018
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THE FUCK ARE Y’ALL TALKING ABOUT KANAK’S?! They are the best people in this world, even though they look shy if you get to know them you find out they are really out-going and funny people who you can trust. Periodt.
Look at her, she my bestie Kanak
by ThatThicccBitch October 31, 2019
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Plural: Kanaks. Derived from the German word "Kanake", describing people in Germany which are originally from the southern countries like north africa, middle east and asia, so especially muslim countries. It is used like "nigga" in the english language, so if a kanak calls someone "kanak" it's okay, but if an alman (white german) calls someone "kanak" it's discrimination. It is not so negatively connotated as "nigga", because the original history of the word isn't as terrible as of "nigga", and of course because every kanak is using it in a positive context (as I tried indoctrinate with my example-sentences muhahah). German people behaving like kanaks are also called kanaks very often.
"Dude, this School is full of kanaks, I love it."
"You look like a kanak with this eastpak-fanny-pack, I love it."
"kanaks are real men, kanakinas are real women, I love it."
"Hahahaha what a kanak, I love it."
"If I ever meet a kanak, I will marry him and we'll make a lot of children, I love it"
by smart.kanak August 25, 2020
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Kanak is the type of girl that’s very hard to forget and move on from, she’s a great listener and will give you great advice, very easy to sympathise with and definitely one of a kind, she’s not a basic bitch so you can’t possibly do better than her, She’s the type of girl people daydream about, you’d find her in music . Kanak’s have a bit of a temper and cannot stand being lied to, so they will call you out on it but if you have one in your life, don’t lose her because they’re rare.
Of course, you’d love her, SHES A KANAK!
by Oppwoakslam172993 November 23, 2021
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A kanak is a guy who's not only is cultured, but also forces everyone else to go according to it. He's bossy, mean and partial to the ones in his possy. His jokes are as rotten as the banana you left in your school bag during the summer vacations. He's got a three inch destroyer which can destroy even obsidian.
You: Sir I got 39.9 / 40 on this exam.
Kanak: This is naat the way my dear. Tell yaar parents to kaal me. And please infaarm them about the december fee beta.
You: Sir but i dont go for tuitions
Kanak: Shtupid fello whaat is this I will kaal yaar parents beta.
by JoeGamer696969 April 10, 2022
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