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A short girl , looks innocent but highly intelligent. Loves her friends, likes to have fun but guarded. Protective and caring. You would never know what's going on in her mind. One of the best friends you could ever have.
Go to a Kalyani if you need someone to have your back.
by The Ms.Taken One June 25, 2017
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"KALYANI" is a beautiful girl with amazing smile and looks . She is very emotional when it's comes to lose someone very special to her heart . She is very close to her mom rather then dad. She is intelligent but do not uses her brain at the right time and right place .

A good daughter , friend and wife to be , she will never involve in a relationship but will be the best and long relationship if she did .
Everyone admire her work and beauty. Kalyani is a myserious girl with bright future
by Antra yadav May 02, 2018
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the coolest incredibly hottest most gorgeous beautifulest girl not a man in the whole world (even better than hilary duff)
everyone likes a kalyani.
by kaly January 02, 2004
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A common name for a girl of Sri Lankan heritage/background. The name is a melody in Carnatic music and is very pretty. Girls with this name usually can't have anyone except Sri Lankans or Indians pronounce it correctly. The pronunciation is kul-ye-knee Cul as in culture, ye not YEAH, and knee. Nicknames consist of Keke, Kals, cauliflower, Call-ya, Kayla, Colleen, and many more.
Kalyani plays the piano, violin, and trumpet at school.
by Coconutsaretasty September 13, 2018
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