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An icy wilderness area in the far north of the realm of Magnamund (the world of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf books). The term refers to the whole of the northern polar regions, but especially to the area nearest to Sommerlund, surrounding the city of Ljuk.

Ljuk, a Sommlending trading post, is listed in the Magnamund Companion as the capital of Kalte, although this is inaccurate. In fact, the bulk of Kalte is ruled by the Ice Barbarians, who appear to be predominantly nomadic but to have a fixed headquarters in the north of Kalte.

The realm of Kalte appears mainly in Lone Wolf 3: The Caverns of Kalte and the corresponding novel, Hunting Wolf. Lone Wolf goes to Kalte in pursuit of the rogue wizard Vonotar, and, after facing various dangers in his journey across the ice, must find his way into and through the underground fortress in the north of Kalte.
Kalte is home to a number of cold-weather monsters not found anywhere else in Magnamund.
by Andy April 25, 2004
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