A squeamish burst of laughter given off during unnecessary or inappropriate times.


Made famous by a student attending Ithaca High School, the tuhu was incorporated into almost every conversation in the beginning of 2008 school year. Its creator, took the words wide usage bitterly and continues to loathe anyone who lets out the occasional tuhu.
"Hey man hows it going?"
"I just failed a test,tuhu. Whatever i don't care though,tuhu!"
by j dubz April 12, 2008
A re-spelling of a Yiddish word. Means backside. To be spelled correctely, you must put an accent above the h.
Look at her tuhus. It is so big. She must be one of those rap guy's girlfriends...
by MisterTuhus May 9, 2007
a godly creature that decided to roam the earth and has the ability to troll anyone that comes near.

(Sub to tuhus on yt)
by TUHUS June 4, 2021