A handsome boy
Awesome and hella dorky
"He's so Kaliko-"
"Yeah. Look it up on urban dictionary."
by HetaliaShippersAreScary March 06, 2017
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person who has no skills at halo
Bob: dude that guy just got owned

Jeff: yeah hes such a kaliko
by pmain October 08, 2008
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Amazing Rapper from the independent label Strange Music. He has been featured on many of Tech N9ne's songs, has 3 albums (Vilitigo, Genius, Shock Treatment) and 1 EP (S.I.C.).
He suffers from a skin disease, Vilitigo, which gives him smooth white patches on parts of his body. Anyone who judges him for so will get smacked by me.
Tech and Krizz go back all the way from the 90s. Tech made a song called "Who You Came To See" and Krizz said that the song could have a better hook. Tech allowed Krizz to prove it, soon after he did so he was signed to Strange Music.
You usually kno Krizz Kaliko is coming with his verse when he calls out
"Kali baby!"
One may think he's saying "Cali Baby" but he's from Kansas City, Missouri. Kali is short for Kaliko. (:
by the TRULY REAL Beast June 02, 2011
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A great rapper and singer associated with Strange Music. He has vitiligo, a skin condition which causes lack of pigmentation in the skin. He has released multiple albums Vitiligo, Genius, Shock Treatment, S.I.C ep, Kicken and Screamin, and Neh-Mind ep. He has lots of talent and can sing and rap much better than most mainstream rappers.
Who is the best singer in hiphop

Krizz Kaliko hands down.
by MUSIC-JUDGE January 07, 2013
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