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Kalea is a good looking girl. She is very smart. Kalea loves all her friends. Kalea is a very weird and funny person everyone wants to be around her. She is okay with a lot of things. Kalea likes to defend her friends. Kalea is also a very sporty person. Kalea is an amazingly wonderful girl.
Kalea is a person that brings joy to others.
by BMSBaller January 13, 2015
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Kalea is a girl with a crazy, weird, and overall goofy personality! Kalea loves to socialize, make friends, and hang out. She’s basically a social butterfly. She enjoys hanging out with other friends who have the same goofy personality as her. She is always joking around and making her peers have a good laugh. Many people enjoy being around Kalea, but at the same time there are a lot of people who hate her. Despite the hate she gets from some people, Kalea doesn’t care because she is generally a very carefree person. She doesn’t let anything get to her. She just keeps on smiling! Kalea is also a very popular girl who has friends almost anywhere she goes. Kalea always keeps her grades up and is very responsible and trustworthy. She usually likes to keep away from the boys because they aren’t worth her time. Kalea is also mean sometimes but she never intends to hurt anyone, she’s just messing around! But she’s also very kind, giving, sympathetic, and thoughtful. She’s the type of girl who will always be willing to hang out on the weekends, give you presents on your birthday, and be there for you when you’re sad. Anyone named Kalea is a very rare person to find. If you come across a Kalea, be her friend and cherish your relationship with her. You don’t wanna lose Kalea because that would be a horrible mistake. Kalea is one of the most unique people in the world so if you lose her, you’re going to miss out on a lot of memories, laughs, and fun!
Kalea is the craziest girl I’ve ever met!

Kalea is really nice to me!

Kalea is one of the most hilarious people in the world!

Kalea is always making me laugh!
by 💞💍 November 27, 2018
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Kalea is a beautiful, smart funny, and insane girl. She is the kind of girl that everyone wants to be around, except for the haters. Kalea always has a boyfriend, and is an eye-catcher. Those boys are honored to have Kalea. While Kalea is very funny, she is also insane. She is kind of evil, but also very kind. See? Weird. Also, no one should mess with Kalea, because she is very fierce. There are many mysteries about Kalea. Maybe you might meet one in you life!
Boy 1: Hey, I think I am gonna ask Kalea out. Do you think she'll say yes?
Boy 2: Uummm. No. I am already dating her.
Boy 1: Dang it.
Boy 3: Dang it.
Boy 4: Dang it.
Boy 5: Dang it.
Boy 6: Dang it.
Boy 7: Dang it.
Boy 8: Dang it.
Boy 9: Dang it.
by anaandbh June 01, 2018
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Kalea a girl who is very sporty very pretty and beautiful. She is smart and very brave. She is loved by every one especially boys. Kalea is a person who is amazing in language arts but not very good at math. She is a girl who is very popular and funny.
Boy: Look there`s Kalea. She is the cutest girl ever.
Boy`s friend: Yea she is.
by HATER1315 June 18, 2016
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Exotic, organic and unique.

Hawaiian Meaning: "Bright, to bring joy"
"Kalea is the La Heina of the dot com nation."
by Ms. Madrid October 17, 2008
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Kalea is a weird, crazy, and goofy girl! She’s always being loud and annoying, but she’s hilarious! She’s always joking around and making people laugh. She loves to hang out with people that enjoy joking around with her. That’s what people love about her. They love her funny and goofy personality! Kalea is also a sweet girl. She’s the type of friend to get you a birthday gift every year, give advice whenever you need it, and be willing to hang out on the weekends. She’s also really mean sometimes but in a playful way. She doesn’t intend to hurt anyone, it’s just apart of her personality. Kalea has many people who enjoy her being around, but a lot of people hate her too. She doesn’t care about the haters and always keeps a smile on her face! :) If you ever become friends with a Kalea, never lose her or you’re gonna regret it!
Kalea is so weird!
by 💞💖🤪 November 30, 2018
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