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A short guy with brown hair. Kalans can be very annoying, and crazy. A Kalan is very romantic and will do almost anything for the lucky girl that can call him her boyfriend. A Kalan is an amazing person and thinks of others before himself. He is smart, cute, funny, and will cheer you up when you are feeling sad. A Kalan can put a smile on your face on your worst days.
Girl: omg who's that guy over there?
Boy: oh him? Thats kalan
Girl: is he single?
Boy: no he apparently has the "best girlfriend ever"
by 143637 November 09, 2013
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A person who thinks that their name will never be on Urban Dictionary, but is grossly mistaken...
"Man, that guy is such a Kalan... he doesn't think his name is on Urban Dictionary, but it really is!"
by TheMysteryFriend April 01, 2009
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A GORGEOUS GIRL.Thats such a great friend.Kalan will always have your back!shes very crazy she also likes to try new things!🤪
Boy that new girls gorgeous
Girl but I am too right
Boy see you later
Boy hey Kalan your hot
by Merry happy January 02, 2019
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