A short guy with brown hair. Kalans can be very annoying, and crazy. A Kalan is very romantic and will do almost anything for the lucky girl that can call him her boyfriend. A Kalan is an amazing person and thinks of others before himself. He is smart, cute, funny, and will cheer you up when you are feeling sad. A Kalan can put a smile on your face on your worst days.
Girl: omg who's that guy over there?
Boy: oh him? Thats kalan
Girl: is he single?
Boy: no he apparently has the "best girlfriend ever"
by 143637 November 09, 2013
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Kalan is usually a boy with brown hair. He is kinda short but really good at sports. He is so hot and a loyal boyfriend. He always knows how to make people happy when they are down! He is so smart and athletic. He has so many friends and a lot of people care about him. Everyone hopes to be like him or be friends with him. He is the best person to ever go to if you need advice.

As a boyfriend he always like to include u and be a gentlemen. He always asks how your day is going and how your morning or night was.
Kalan: how was your morning???

Girl: it was good thank you
by Kalan Austin November 02, 2019
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The name Kalan is mostly used for boys. It’s a very rare name as it’s usually used as Kaleb. A Kalan is a type of person that everyone is friends with and a boy that every girl falls for in just a month, even a week. A Kalan plays a lot of sport and is probably really good at basketball. A Kalan can also dance and sing(rarely) unbelievably good, he also hates losing. Kalan is a very secretive person and only opens up to people that he trusts. A Kalan is also.. who knows, possibly a person that dates a lot of people.
Kalan: Do you like this song? “I dont”

Friend: Well it sounds good

Kalan: IKR

Trust him and he’ll always be there for you
by 85122514 🍀 July 31, 2019
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A person who thinks that their name will never be on Urban Dictionary, but is grossly mistaken...
"Man, that guy is such a Kalan... he doesn't think his name is on Urban Dictionary, but it really is!"
by TheMysteryFriend April 01, 2009
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