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The absolute most beautiful being ever created. One whose smile melts the hearts of those that see it, and whose perfect laugh makes those that hear it feel happy.
That Tirsa over there is like aphrodite the greek goddess of love and beauty.
by Jacuvhrts December 30, 2003
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Tirsa is someone who is very mature and kind, but can show her fun or immature side at any moment when it comes to being the life of the party. Once you meet her, you’ll most likely fall in love with her, as she probably has been captivating to alot of guys in her past, but she never seems to find someone that’ll really be fitting, as she obviously deserves the most any female can gather from a male, since she is the highest expectation of her respective sex. She has an amazing body, or at least to her own agenda, a “mediocre” one, but this type of girl usually has insecurities, which keeps a sense of humbleness, however, it is a pain to ever convince her she is a beautiful and magneficient woman. Regarding back to her body, many men will fall in love with that only, but only her real love will fall in love with her personality and her characteristics, rather than what most guys seem to look at: ass, tits, pussy, etc. But if you don’t stop at her looks and begin to talk to her, you will see that she is very interesting, experienced, helpful, caring, strong, hilarious, understanding, loving, fun, and most importantly, natural. In conclusion, tirsas do know their boundaries and keep a clean slate even if they do get wild at some points, but they surely know and realize what is right and where their priorities stand... at least when they feel happy. Tirsas can be mostly sad or happy, but they’ll never be afraid to keep going even if they won’t admit their striving life.
Friend: “Wow, Tirsa is so damn hot and... HER ASS BRO, YOU GONNA GET THAT??”
Gentleman: “Dude chill haha, she’s amazing, but if you actually saw what she is inside rather than outside, you’d see how better she is than just a walking ‘ass and tits’.”
Friend: “I’m just saying man, if i can hit that, i’d be so down.”
Gentleman: “I’d be glad to be with her some day too... i’d be so damn lucky, she’s amazing and her personality will always be my number one turn on hehe.”
Friend: “Are you gay?”
Weirdo: “I’d EAT her with my damn 20 inches”
Gentleman and Friend: “Shut the fuck up you whore”
by Ilikenightsinthecity July 28, 2018
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