A celestial spirit in Native American folklore that is described very attractive and has a ninja-like appearance that can attract the top notch woman of the world.

All people named Kaj are blessed with infinite amounts of swagger and are believed to one day rule over all planets in the universe and even other dimensions.
Also Kaj has a ginormous male reproductive bodypart
I once met a guy named Kaj, i felt the direct power of is gaze in my heart...
by KojKarper September 4, 2018
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Kaj is a kind, passionate, smart, funny, talented, and caring person. He is flawlessly attractive, and impossibly intelligent. He has incredible skill, but does not show it off. He cares about his family, friends, hobbies, and doing the right thing. He is confident in his opinions, and speaks out against things he disagrees with.

If you know a kaj, be sure to hold on to him.
Do you have another soccer game today kaj?

Wow kaj, you’re looking fine in that suit.
by Bbymilk January 26, 2020
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This kid is ninja. Like really. Don't even try it.
Oh shit, it's you, Kaj! I didn't even see you there.
by w00t w00t March 30, 2005
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the crevice between the ballsack and the shaft
I dont know how you did it, Kenneth, but you just got your shiny pen stuck in my kaj.
by tap-a-jap February 10, 2010
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a kaj is someone who is so bum sex you want to yell "NUP NUP NUP" or "Sea cu-cu-CUM CUM CUM-ber" or something like that. and he's popular to boot. and all of those ginger's love him. and kaj's are very attracted to gingers too. the end.
ohhhhhh kaj your so bum sex
by KAY-EYE, KADGIE March 27, 2003
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A filthy nigger that has a penis same size as a ant
You have a kaj
by Jfidejs May 2, 2018
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a australian guy with the smallest penis in the word
you are sooo kaj, maybe you should go and get a penis enlargement then you might have a chance in life.
by Panda May 20, 2004
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