Kairo is a handsome man and rich kairo loves sports kairo is a great friend to have because he is funny
by Rick wosst October 6, 2018
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Kairo is a lovable person and a gift of special powers hidden inside him
My Kairo is my side kick
by Persuade bozz September 25, 2018
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A Kairo is a phenomenal person who is amazingly fantastically wonderfully scuba-divingly radically singingly superly awesomely awesome.
by Skibble Jargly Veggie Lennon September 1, 2008
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The most amazing friend to have in your life. He’s understanding and a smart ass, he can also be dumb ass sometimes but it’s alright. He calls himself ugly but yet he isn’t. Also he’s really loving and sweet to certain people. He’s really beautiful and isn’t ugly at all!
Kairo: I’m so fucking ugly
Vivian: You better shut the fuck up, you aren’t ugly at all. Look in the mirror I see beauty.
Kairo: I still look ugly.
by @viv May 24, 2019
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A guy that starts as a friend, but later makes your heart throb. Kairo is hilarious and dirty minded, but always respectful. Kairo is handsome, but has no idea. He is a great listener and tends to have many female friends. Kairo tends to be athletic, but acts like he is lazy. He is the friend you go to when you need a hug that won’t be mentioned later. Kairo never goes out of the house, which you know, but you still ask because you are hoping that he likes you enough to do it.
Wow, was Kairo flirting with me just now..? He’s so kind and sexy. I’d be lucky to have him.
by Nimueh July 16, 2020
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1. Mis-spelling of Egyptian city Cairo
2. Self obsessed egotistical Halo 3 Player who values nothing and no-one but himself. Very selfish, not a team player.
1. Hey our holiday in Kairo was good, yeah?
2. "Oh my God Kairo was just sitting back with snipes again, not helping his team, ratio whoring as usual".
by HarperDaBeast August 5, 2008
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Kairo is the sexiest person alive with the BIGGEST cock and also the biggest heart :> He has a really cute girlfriend called Nao and they are so in love.. anyways. KAIRO IS SO SEXY AND PRETTY AND CUTE AND PERFECT AND BESTEST DADDY!!!!!!
by kairosbitch November 15, 2020
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