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The sweetest most amazing person ever. Not only does she prove it by being a total cutie, but she has a personality to match. She cares about everyone, sometimes a little too much, going out of her way for others and falling behind herself. If you meet a Kaire you’ve gotta hold onto her more than your sanity because she’s an extremely hyper and flamboyant girl. She will throw you around and beat you down physically and down an emotional roller coaster as well. But between her lovely perfect stature, and personality that gets her in lots of trouble when she wants none, she’s completely worth it.
My friend : Dang she’s nice, just how nice is she?

Me: She’s my Kaire, no explanation needed.
by Short_Round_ May 18, 2018
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A friend who always flames you / roast you on your clothing or shoes .
Yea my homie kaire roasted me a little bit ago
by DD Draco April 19, 2018
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