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One of the best, if not the best anime/manga series ever created. With an extremely intense psychological plot, all fans of a good series such as Death Note should watch this show immediately. All fans of crap like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tale should stay away from it though. Code Geass fans should probably stay away too. By Nobuyuki Fukumoto, this series follows the life of Kaiji Ito and all the shit that he goes through. Has a weird art style that you'll only appreciate once you actually follow the series. Two anime seasons have been produced by Madhouse thus far.

Also, Kaiji is very very intense. A real man's anime.
Craig: Hey man, have you seen Kaiji?

Samwell: Nope, it looks kinda crap.

Craig: Oh, no worries, that's probably because you're gay.

Samwell: What?
by YourTannie February 18, 2013
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That US Veteran down the corner is Kaiji, surviving onslaughts of bullets, treacherous suicide bombers, and mental cannonballs that would ultimately kill a normal human being.
by JohnSmith123 September 07, 2009
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The quick way for calling someone a pedophile.
"I think Bella Thorne is beautiful. I'd like to date her if you know what I mean."
"Hi Kaiji."

4chan pedo pedophile loli
by TVANON June 25, 2010
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4chan shorthand for a pedophile. Got its start on the /tv/ board thanks to someone going by that name making daily pedophilia threads.

Posting under Kaiji's name is now a bannable offense, as the real Kaiji was banned for his activities.
I made a Kaiji impersonation thread and they got me for ban evasion. This is some bull shit!
by greatwigs September 13, 2010
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