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The best boyfriend any girl could ask for. Kaidan is the name of a bad boy who isn't afraid to fight. He will protect his girl no matter what. Kaidan beat up whoever talks about someone he loves. He is sweet, loving, athletic, and very attractive. Kaidan is one of the popular boys, but doesn't let that get the best of him. He will stay loyal to you. Yes... he has a potty mouth, but don't we all! If you know a Kaidan you are one of the luckiest people alive!
girl 1: Wow that boy is hot!
girl 2: That's Kaidan... and he's mine.
girl 1: we'll see...
by Grove'sGIrl January 16, 2018
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a baby that looks like tila tequila and channing tatums little baby boy. kaidan meaning really cute, adorable baby boy.
their baby boy looks just like kaidan.
by little baby boy March 12, 2010
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A beautiful girl, the most perfect human being on the planet. There is no one who could ever possiblt surpass her beauty, kindness, and intellect. A rough past but a bright future, so long as she stays happy. If you ever decide to date Kaidan, you will be pushed to your limits in order to please her desires. However, it is all worth it in the end, because as long as you treat her like a queen, she will love you like you're a king.
Beta male one: "Wow, she's absolutely gorgeous!"
Beta male two: "Yeah, that's Kaidan, or Kaida for short. She's probably the most perfect human being on the planet, so take a good look."
Beta male three: *faints*
Beta male one: I think I'm gonna nut
by Chpff and TwoPro June 17, 2019
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