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A beautiful amazing girl that is really nice to everyone and is so intelligent everyone stares at her when she walks down the street and she is kind to everyone. Everyone who meets her wants to be like her and we can't forget that she has a perff body and that she is amazing in bed. She is an amazing person that makes everyone smile and laugh. Everyone who meets someone called kahlia is very lucky.
Everyone on the street:Oh em gee look Kahlia is coming lets get out our cameras
Kahlia: Boys please !!
by qwertyuiopasdfghjklmagic November 20, 2012
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as a girl's name is a variant of Kalei (Hawaiian), and the meaning of Kahlia is "the flower wreath; the beloved".
a person who is dearly loved, like husband or wife.

"oh my kahlia" (beloved).
by Millymaz July 21, 2011
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a noun ; a slutty balloon
origin: Eleanor T. tagged her best friend Kahlia A. as a valentines day balloon from Kahlia's mother's party shop on facebook. On the love heart shaped balloon were the words "wild animal". Kahlia claimed the balloon was slutty and since then, the name kahlia has been used to describe "slutty" balloons.
"i bought a kahlia for my birthday party"

"that balloon is a such a kahlia!"

"Why did you tag me as a kahlia on facebook?"
by Eleanor T. January 27, 2009
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Kahlia is a bitchy girl who is rude to everyone. Bit of a slutly whore. Thinks that her shit don't stink when accutally farts alot. Avoid her at all costs. She creates unnecessary drama and fights. If she tries to get in with you RUN!!!!
Girl 1: Eww its Kahlia

Guy 1: She tried to get in with me
Guy 2: me too
Guy 3: me as well
girl 1: She tries to get in with everyone, she is a bit of a desperate little skank
by SUZ_SUZ October 25, 2019
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